Hakuu in the making (0) — Mnjul’s Intimate Home vs-6517

This series of posts records my process in making Hakuu, the latest incarnation of my personal website series Mnjul’s Intimate Home. For those not unfamiliar with MIH: It stemmed from my shared hobby with my junior high school friends during the early 2000s, later turning into a habit: Before I started my full-time job, I had created a new version of MIH every year. Doing MIH had allowed me to self-reflect and challenge my technical abilities: MIH is usually the first playground when I want to try something new or something I’ve thought I couldn’t do, and was/is my first full-fledged PHP website, Flash website, HTML5 website.

Hakuu, being the 13th iteration of MIH, is the first full version after I became a (allow me to borrow the Japanese term) salaryman. I simply don’t have enough personal time to do what I had done as a student — when I simply started everything from scratch, and brought everything online in one go only when all sections were finished. This would include self introduction, photos, recollections about past stories/friends, background music (yes — remnant of early 2000s), and much more. As redoing all these would impose much time, for Hakuu, I went on launch the site with only two pages. This was something I’d never imagine I would do (especially forgoing background music) — but I guess, as MIH has embodied me myself throughout the years, it probably is also a prime exemplification of my transition from one-shot perfectionism to iterationism (not an English word, I know).

Aside from the changed process, Hakuu sees design and technical advancements for MIH, which are to be illustrated in the posts to come.

Before we start, I believe it helps if I refer readers to two previous versions of MIH to get a better grasp of its vibe. (Referring to older versions have been a staple in MIH, but I did without it in the first version of Hakuu too.) They are Mnjul’s Intimate Home (vs-3811) and Allodynia. The former requires Flash. Neither of the two is mobile-friendly (which Hakuu is.)

Here are the posts. The first couple were published just after the initial version of the website went live, and detail the fundamental design idea/technical framework and are more topical; as I gradually expand the website, and sometimes make design changes or technical optimizations, later posts will be more and more ad-hoc.

Part 1 – The overall story (in professional terms, “Sitemap”)
Part 2 – The first version’s design, and technical experimentation/implementation
Part 3 – More misc technical stuff
Part 4 – Background music and raining sound
Part 5 – Mobile layout revamp and other improvements in late 2018
GitHub repo Manifesto – even more technical stuff (with some overlapping of the above)


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