Hakuu in the making (1) — Mnjul’s Intimate Home vs-6517

Part of the post series for my process in making Hakuu.

The Overall Story

As I said in the introductory post, since its inception almost two decades ago, MIH has had roughly the same site structures: A introductory section of the site, self-introduction (“Me”), recollection of my past with my friends/family (“Cast” and “Story”), some photographs, a history of prior versions, and (in earlier versions) a guestbook:

Site menu for MIH vs-3811
Site menu for MIH vs-2121

When I was making the mockup of the site menu, I naturally included all these elements too:

Site menu mockup for Hakuu with Adobe XD; I’ll talk about the visual design in the next post.

Well, designing the menu was easy, but when I progressed into generating the mockups of the self-intro section and the friends section (“Cast”), I soon realized something felt wrong.

Mockup for the “Cast” section; since this is redacted content, this screenshot is intentionally scaled down.

This is how it looked like in MIH vs-3811:

vs-3811’s “Cast” section (vs-3811 was launched in early 2011)

Yes, my current typography and design skill was presenting the same, decade-old content modernly pleasant, and I was producing the “printed publication” touch as I desired. However, when I read the (essentially identical) text with the new design, I couldn’t hear harmony (as with MIH vs-3811). It sounded fragmented, as though I was playing on a Steinway D a prima vista — each single character or sentence was correct on its own, but together they didn’t pace with the new look-and-feel.

Have I grown so old, that my taste for a good design would no longer hold the content I made a decade ago? Am I finally at a point where it’s no longer meaningful to simply introduce me myself in categorized chapters or divided sections?

For sure, I knew this was coming. In 2012, I made Allodynia without these categories; instead, I merely piled up pieces of content, most of the time without context:

Allodynia’s site menu had only “fragments” and “shards”.

As old content categorization didn’t make sense anymore, I decided to:

…remake the content, from scratch.

Instead of making separate Me, Cast, Story, Album sections, I’m going with Allodynia’s non-categorization approach of just throwing different pieces of content into one uncategorized heap of rubble, while each piece is a cross-section of what would’ve been in Me, Cast, Story, or Album.

But this also means I need to rewrite all the content. When would I ever have time to finish this website…?


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