So we planned my wife’s spring recess for a trip in the D.C., for her to conduct some user interview & testing for thesis, and for getting to see some cherry blossoms (sakura). Indeed, this was also my first time to be in the capital so it’s also quite novel to me.

For sightseeing, the city indeed demonstrated its versatility and diversity — it was only all too bad that the temperature suddenly dropped, and mostly we only saw saucer magnolia blossoms, whose pink petals we often mistook for the real cherry blossoms. But still, the rain that accompanied the temperature drop ceased the day we arrived at the city, so we could take quite some time getting around.

This is probably the best cherry blossoms we saw:

And the one on the bottom-left corner is the saucer magnolia:

The congress folks were also at recess, so it’s probably the best chance people renovate the capitol.